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Class Policies


Students learn a variety of skills from basic through advanced levels of baton twirling, dance and pom pon. Tumbling classes focus on flexibility, balance, bodywork, and basic tumbling. Each class includes proper technique and drill segments. Time in class is also spent on preparing for many performance opportunities that arise throughout the year. In the spring, a recital is held for families and friends to attend. Teamwork, self-discipline, poise, coordination, and leadership are important skills that students will gain from participating at Stepper-ette Studios. These important qualities will carry over into additional aspects of each student’s life, and, it is hoped, will make a positive difference!


Tuition is a flat monthly rate from September through May. If a student misses a class, they can make up the lesson in a similar class. Extra practices and performances also help make up for missed classes. Tuition will be charged to your online account on the first day of each month. You can choose to pay online or bring check/cash to the studio.  There is a drop box in the lobby. Checks should be made out to: Stepper-ettes.


Baton cost: $27.00. A good balanced baton is important. Practice caps are also available for $3.00 per pair. The practice caps help keep baton ends clean for performances. Students may use studio batons for the first few lessons. Students may then wish to purchase their own baton. Batons are measured to last 2-3 years. Studio pom pons may also be used throughout the year. For tumbling, students need to wear socks.


All Stepper-ettes purchase a team costume that is worn at all parades, performances, and the recital. To participate in performances, each student must have a uniform. Costume cost is approximately $68.00.


“Workout clothes” are appropriate for class. This would include shorts or sweat pants, a leotard or short sleeve t-shirt, and soft soled shoes. Hair needs to be pulled away from the face. For tumbling, it is best to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off.  For Ballet classes, black leotards, pink tights and pink ballet shoes required.  Ballet "skirts" or "Tutus" are also acceptable. 


Bad weather information Please call the studio at 402-592-4545 or check our website at www.stepperettestudios.com if there is a question about lessons due to weather. Classes may still be held even if schools are closed if conditions have improved.


Benefits for your Child!

Music, Dance & Twirling

Music Awareness
Dance Technique & Flexibility
Eye Hand Coordination
Physical Fitness

Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork Skills
Leadership Skills

Exciting Classes & Opportunities

Fast Paced & Exciting Classes
Qualified Positive Instructors
Fun & Age Appropriate Music
Opportunities to Compete & Travel