11730 Peel Circle * LaVista, NE 68128

Class Descriptions
Train with 3-Time World Champions!

Combination Class (Baton/Pom)

  • Each class meets for 45 minutes. This includes 10 minutes of stretching and warming up, 35 minutes of work on current dance moves and baton and 15 minutes of pom/dance technique
  • Ages 4-Junior High
  • Students will be given the opportunity to perform at 6-8 local parades and performances throughout the year and will participate in the Spring Recital in May.
  • Our most popular class!!
  • Cost is $56 per month
  • Early Bird Discount- 4:15 class is just $48 per month


  • Ages 3 and 4
  • 30 minute class
  • Includes stretching, dancing, twirling, tumbling and pom pon
  • Cost $45 per month


  • 30 minute class
  • Class for boys and girls!
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Cost is $45 per month or only $30 when taken in addition to another class


  • 30 minute class
  • Dramatically improve strength, control and flexibility
  • Proper ballet attire is required (black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes)
  • Cost is $45 per month or only $30 when taken in addition to another class

Hip Hop

  • Learn fun and current dance moves!
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Boys and Girls
  • 30 minute class
  • Cost is $45 per month or $30 when taken in addition to another class


  • Ages 4-High School
  • Cost is $45 per month
  • Cheerleaders wear official “Stars” uniform!
  • Cheer Coach-Jennifer Palomaki. Jen is the current Papillion LaVista Varsity Cheer Coach and has many years of experience!

Dance Technique and Flexibility

  • 30 minute class
  • Class includes various turns and leaps and focuses on proper dance technique.
  • Cost is $45 per month or $30 per month when taking in addition to another class

Pre-Competition Team

  • Baton and Pom Pon
  • Ages 5-High School
  • 1½ hour class
  • Students should have at least 1 or 2 years of experience in combination classes.
  • Cost is $72 per month

Competition Team

  • Students will meet two times per week and will prepare for the next level of competition.
  • This program involves short trips to competitions in our area that might include an overnight stay.
  • Students meet for a total of 2½ hours per week
  • Cost is $92.00 per month

National Team

  • Meets 2½ hours per week to prepare for National competition at Notre Dame University
  • Performs at the College World Series and additional travel opportunities
  • Cost is $95 per month

Benefits for your Child!

Music, Dance & Twirling

Music Awareness
Dance Technique & Flexibility
Eye Hand Coordination
Physical Fitness

Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork Skills
Leadership Skills

Exciting Classes & Opportunities

Fast Paced & Exciting Classes
Qualified Positive Instructors
Fun & Age Appropriate Music
Opportunities to Compete & Travel