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Twirl Mania 2011!

Congratulations to Rachel Foehlinger for her outstanding performance at the Twirl Mania competition held February 18-20 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Rachel competed in the Collegiate Classic against 35 feature twirlers from colleges and universities from across the country.  She was thrilled to make the top 10 and went on to compete in finals at EPCOT Center!  It was a very exciting competition with people cheering on the twirler from their favorite university.  Rachel finished 9th overall but was so honored to be among the top 10 college twirlers in the country!


Benefits for your Child!

Music, Dance & Twirling

Music Awareness
Dance Technique & Flexibility
Eye Hand Coordination
Physical Fitness

Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork Skills
Leadership Skills

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Fast Paced & Exciting Classes
Qualified Positive Instructors
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